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Camping Spiaggia

It is located directly on the eastern shore of Lake Como, lost in the fascinating scenery of the mountains GRIGNE.

It is run by DAVIDE and GIULIA, who along with their little children ANNA and LUCA will grant you their warmest welcome. By their steady attendance and the help of a valid team, they will guarantee their welcome guests utmost availability, accurate service and courtesy. The camping position allows numerous excursions: The beautiful Varenna and Bellagio, quite nearby.

For all the above you will find exhaustive information and explanations at our reception. To give life to your stay there will be dancing nights and live music. You will also have the chance to enjoy the dishes and pizza of the bar over a glass of good beer or wine, deep in the enchanting view of Lake Como. We are waiting for you...

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Vacation on Italian lakes
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Abbadia Lariana

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