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Climate lake Como

Lake Como is a particularly good area, renowned for its generally mild and humid climate that fosters a rich exuberance. This is made possible by the presence of the Alps that is resistant to winds from the north and by the great mass of water found in lakes, which tends to mitigate the changes in temperature.
In the sunniest areas such as West Lake Tremezzina or up, in winter the weather never reaches very low temperatures and summer heat is oppressive, difficult as it is mitigated by good vegetation. In the Alpine Foreland however, the rains are abundant. Thanks to all these unique characteristics of the climate, the flora along the banks of the lake is varied and lush and is of Mediterranean type, here are growing cypress, laurel trees, camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons, magnolias and palms. In some areas, more sheltered and moist, also grows tropical and subtropical vegetation. In Tremezzo, for example, is Villa Carlotta, famous everywhere for its splendid park full of flowers and rare plants, here in the hottest season flowering azaleas, cacti, ferns Southern, palms, conifers, cedars and orange trees.

Olive trees and vine crops are not very abundant also due to the geological nature of the soil and is found only in some areas. Along the banks of the lake the place names that bear witness to a tradition in the cultivation of the olive are on the western side we find "Zoca de l'oli" while, on the east and find Oliveto Lario Olcio.
On the slopes of the mountains around the lake abounds with chestnut woods and pastures in the higher areas, where spring flowering daffodils and lilies.
The pond vegetation is rare and is located only in areas such as Piano di Spagna, since the lake there are ponds or pools of still water.



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