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Characteristics lake Garda

Lake Garda measures 52 km in length, while the maximum width, in its southern part, is about 17 km. The coasts of the lake extends for more than 158 km and the maximum depth is 346 m.

The northern part of the lake is long and narrow, and trickles in the Alps: it is surrounded by mountains, the biggest of which belong to the group of Baldo and here the coasts are steep and rugged, the southern zone covers an area of the high Po Valley and here the lake has a large, semicircular shape and the coasts are lower and sweet.

The river Sarca is the main tributary, while the only emissary of the lake is the river Mincio. In the lake there are five islands: the largest is the Isola del Garda and close to this, the Isola di San Biagio. Both are located near Salò. Another island is the Isola di Trimelone and then there are the Isola del Sogno (Island of Dreams) and the Isola degli Olivi (Island of Olives).



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