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malcesine Gardasee limone sul Garda gargnano lac de garde
The northern part of Lake Garda can be regarded as the last remnant of the Mediterranean before coming to the Dolomites.
This area at the foot of the Alps reveals a unique environment, where olive trees and lemon trees growing not far from the typical alpine flora, this natural environment has shaped the human landscape, urban centers in which are intertwined cultural, historical and natural places.

The central part of Lake Garda includes beautiful towns looking very heterogeneous.

The western shore, called Riviera dei Limoni (coast of the lemons), includes places of extraordinary beauty and cultural and territorial unity; it offers a Mediterranean-type vegetation, with cypress, oak and ash trees closest to the lake, and of alpine-type with beech, hornbeam and elm, climbing into the hills; here are the centers of Salò, Gardone, Toscolano Maderno and Gargnano, suspended between the blue lake and yellow lemons, a crop that characterizes the entire west coast of Lake Garda.
On the eastern bank, called the Riviera degli Olivi (coast of olive trees), in a magnificent landscape, characterized by a succession of coves, villages and castles, where you find the plants typical of Mediterranean flora, such as olives and citrus, there is one of the most characteristic towns of the lake, Torri del Benaco.

In its southern part, Lake Garda expands and offers broad views ranging from its glittering waters.
Those who choose to reside in this territory finds here the genuine products of Lake Garda, opportunities for relaxation and wellness, the opportunity to enjoy outdoor sports and at the same time, enjoy the lush natural landscape of the surroundings.

Riva del Garda

Riva del Garda GardameerRiva del Garda is located in the northwest corner of Lake Garda. On the west side stands overlooking Monte Rocchetta (1575 m) while on the east side stands the Monte Baldo (2218 m). This location makes it one of the most spectacular places of Lake Ga ...

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Salò Garda seeNestled along the banks of a deep bay, Salò overlooks the lake, sheltered by its lush hills marked by cypress and olive trees. Even the origins of this town, like those of other towns around Lake Garda, are ancient.

But the most vivid his ...

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SirmioneSirmione is developed on a thin peninsula that extends for 4 km in the heart of Lake Garda, whose natural features are source of admiration and renown since antiquity.

Catullus called it pearl of all the peninsulas, and even today ...

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Tignale lago di GardaThe peculiarity of the town of Tignale (typical of many other local area high-Garda) is the fact that it consists of 6 villages, none of which bears the name of Tignale: Gardola (town hall) , Piovere, Prabione, Aer, Olzano and Oldesio.

In ...

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TremosineTremosine is placed on a natural terrace overlooking the upper lake Garda. The country is composed of 18 small villages scattered nell'altopiano and along the deep valleys that characterize the area, including the Valley of San Michele. Campione is ...

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Limone sul Garda

Limone sul GardaThe name of Limone reminds all visitors of the picturesque village the lemon fruits that really grow here: the city guide says this is the most northern village where these fruits grow.

In fact, the name probably derives from an ancient v ...

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TorboleThe town comprises two different villages very close and of similar size: one, Nago, on the slopes of Mount Altissimo and the other, Torbole, that, with Riva del Garda, stands patrolling the northern summit as a border or a port: is here, in fact, th ...

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MalcesineIt is often regarded as the most beautiful center of Lake Garda, with the castle hoisted on a promontory which slopes down into the lake. Malcesine, in fact, has a special charm.

The castle has very ancient origins: reconstructed b ...

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Brenzone is located on the eastern shore of Lake Garda: the town has not a main center and periphery, but it is made up of 24 small villages scattered along its vast territory. Brenzone is now a touristic center that offers tourists even 12 kilome ...

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Gardone Riviera

gardone riviera lago di GardaGardone is known mainly for the Vittoriale, but also for its variety of prestigious residences of twentieth century, in different styles: neo-classical, Art Nouveau, neo-Gothic, even Moorish.

The development of Gardone is realized mainly ...

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Toscolano Maderno

Toscolano MadernoToscolano Maderno covers two major bands, with the largest centers on the lake and the villages in the hills. Toscolano and Maderno are two distinct centers: the first industrial-natured, the second aimed at tourism, have grown over time, divided onl ...

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Gargnano lac de GardeGargnano lies on the western shore of the lake, protected against the cold northern winds by a ring of mountains and hills. Its territory is composed of several hamlets, on hillsides surrounding the village the mild weather has created ideal c ...

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Torri del Benaco

Torri del BenacoTorri means towers: the town takes its name from two towers which, together with the regular planting of the village are evidence of its Roman origins as castrium turrium. In addition to the marina and the view you can not miss a visit to the ...

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Manerba del Garda

Manerba del Garda lago di GardaThe territory of Manerba del Garda is divided into six hamlets and occupies the promontory that separates the Gulf of Salò from Desenzano: it is a favorite destination for tourists during the warm summer season due to the presence of the famous islan ...

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Desenzano del Garda

Desenzano del Garda lago di GardaWith its large territory, Desenzano overlooks the southern shores of the lake.
Despite the town has now expanded, the old town still spread around the old port surrounded by historical buildings like the Palace of the Superintendent and ...

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Peschiera del Garda

Peschiera del Garda lago di GardaJust in the area of Peschiera comes out from the lake the river Mincio: the construction of the walled town of Peschiera, surrounded by water, has changed the natural course of river. To allow the defense of the city were built three points ou ...

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Lazise lago di GardaLazise is one of the oldest towns of Lake Garda: the crenellated walls and the towers of the castle give this town, which lies on the eastern shore of the lake, a still medieval imprint.

The old town is always crowded and lively, t ...

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Bardolino GardaseeBardolino is situated in a beautiful creek of the Lake Garda, far from the most crowded and busiest places of the lake. Historic city, it has numerous exhibits that attest the life in the region in Roman times, such as coins, memorial stones, plaques ...

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Garda lago di GardaThe bay of Garda is a jewel dominated by the blue lake and lush Mediterranean vegetation. To the north the gulf is closed from Mount Luppi, while to the south lies the hill of Rocca: through a steep path you can climb in the green to get to enjoy the ...

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