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Climate lake Garda

The gentle climate of the lake has been celebrated by writers, travelers and guests that over the centuries visited this zone. Here the average annual temperature hardly drops below zero, allowing some typical Mediterranean plants to thrive within walking distance of a flora typical of alpine environments.

And it is the lake, which is heated in summer and releases heat in the winter, to reduce the temperature, helping to create a microclimate quite exceptional. The flora of the coast reflects this atmosphere so special and flanks chestnut with cypresses, lilies of the valley to palms, rhododendrons with bougainvillea. In particular, the area of Monte Baldo offers a spectacular diversity of environments: for this reason is called garden of Europe.

Very important are the winds that characterize the area of Lake Garda: the main ones are the Peler, a constant wind that blows from the north in the morning, much exploited for windsurfing and the Ora, a breeze coming from the Po Valley, that blows from the south in the afternoon.



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