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Origin of the Lake Garda

The area of Lake Garda keeps very blatant the traces left by the ice ages, which were once regarded as the determining cause the formation of the lake depression; today it is thought, however, that the modeling glacial had worked on a depression that already existed, created by the waters of alpine streams, among 6 to 5 million years ago.

At the beginning of the Quaternary (1.5 million years ago) the area of the lake basin is a wide valley in which entered the rivers Chiese (in the area of Sal˛) and Sarca (near Riva).

At later stages of glaciation was responsible for the formation of the imposing moraine amphitheater in front of the lake and, therefore, the diversion of the River Chiese according to its present course. To the north, flooding of the river Sarca have instead filled the area upstream of Riva, giving rise to the valley of Arco and surrounding the ancient island of Monte Brione.



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