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Campione d Italia

Campione d'Italia is an Italian enclave of about four square kilometers, it lies on the eastern shore of Lake Lugano and is completely surrounded by Swiss territory. Because of the particular status of Campione, legal tender in the town is the Swiss Franc but the Euro is widely accepted; Italian citizens residing in Campione must abide by Swiss law regarding customs duties. To reach Campione from Italy you need a passport.

Campione is the homeland of artisans, architects, sculptors and painters of talent (the Maestri Campionesi), which played an intense activity from the twelfth to the fourteenth century; among the most significant monuments of the town we remember the beautiful Shrine of Madonna dei Ghirli, the symbol of the town, it is also called the Madonna delle Rondini (swallows). The complex is characterized by a spectacular staircase that descends to the lake from the facade, between two rows of trees as a frame. Inside there are countless art treasures.

The city was once a village of fishermen, but today it is a turistic resort known for the Casino and sparkling vitality that the presence of the casino brings. The casino was inaugurated in 1933, becoming the hub and engine of the locality. In addition to numerous rooms where to play roulette, blackjack or slot machines, there is also a restaurant with a wonderful terrace overlooking the lake.



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