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Lake Maggiore (or Verbano) is on the border between the Piedmont and Lombardy, and its northernmost part lies in Switzerland.

The lake is surrounded by a ring of mountains, on which stands the massif of Monte Rosa, this Alpine landscape, however, is tempered by the mild climate of the shores of the lake, where rise fascinating countries with sumptuous villas and beautiful gardens which arose in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, especially along the Piedmont side.

Lake Maggiore is the second largest among the Italian lakes after Lake Garda, but it is the richest in islands: eleven, including islands and islets, including the famous Borromean Islands, located in the homonymous gulf front Stresa.

Here tourists will find unspoilt nature, breathtaking landscapes, impressive churches, monuments, interesting, relaxing, fun and good food ... everything you need for a perfect holiday.

Characteristics lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore, one of the largest of the Italian peninsula, spread over an area of 212 sq km; has a perimeter of 170 km and a length of 54 km (the largest among the Italian lakes), the maximum width of 10 km .

Lake Maggiore ...

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Climate lake Maggiore

As a corner of the Mediterranean in an Alpine scenery, Lake Maggiore is a paradise that combines the mild climate and rich vegetation, with the majesty of mountains and the intimacy of valleys.

The lake is an exceptional natural environmen ...

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Origin of the Lake Maggiore

The origin of Lake Maggiore is certainly glacial: the arrangement of hills formed by glacial deposits is evidence of more apparent. However, it is now certain that the glacial excavation took place over an existing river valley: the profile of the la ...

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