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  Lake Maggiore >  The most famous places of Lake Maggiore, Arona, Stresa, Verbania, Isole Borromee, Angera, Locarno, Meina


A few steps from the Alps, in a stunning natural environment, Lake Maggiore is the focal point for exciting excursions outdoors.

A fascinating discovery of majestic landscapes, a journey to rediscover the delights, curiosities, environment, to experience places outside the world, cultural itineraries: archeology, parks and nature reserves rich in flora and fauna, botanical gardens, castles, medieval villages, historical buildings.

Lake Maggiore has been the cradle of the Borromeo family, that here lavished all its sophistication: as a testimony to their prestige, the sumptuous palaces on the islands, the prestigious Italian gardens and the imposing fortress of Angera.

The lake must be seen from the lake. And the lake gives the feeling that everything has stopped in time: an example is the Monastery of Santa Caterina, clinging to the rock, but also Stresa and the Borromean Islands, tiny and full of history, and the castles of Cannero, ancient shelter for the pirates of the lake.


Renowned tourist destination, Locarno enjoys a favorable microclimate that allows the subtropical and Mediterranean vegetation to flourish, partly because the city lies in a valley protected by a ring of mountains.

Among the major monumen ...

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Luino, a few kilometers from the Swiss-Italian border, lies on the gentle slopes of the Alps that crown the Lake Maggiore, in a vast gulf.

Already medieval village of Roman origin, has many ideas to offer the visitor who wants to discover ...

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Stresa appears in the documents already before the year thousand with the name of Strix (small strip of land) in the fifteenth century was transformed from a fishing village in the fief of the Visconti family and, later, went to the family of Borrome ...

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Arona's history is closely tied to the Borromeo family, the town was part of the possessions of the Visconti, lords of Milan, but to settle his debts to the banker Tuscan Giovanni Borromeo, Filippo Maria Visconti gave up his fief of Arona in 1 ...

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Brissago is situated between mountains and lake, does not even have a sigh of plain ... Yet the Brissago people, at least a thousand years, have been able to model this rough and steep region with an exceptional stubbornness, which requires constant ...

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Located in a spectacular sunny bay on Lake Maggiore, Ascona is one of the most popular and exclusive tourist destinations of Switzerland.

In early 1900 it was founded here by Ida Hofmann and Henri Oedenkoven the "Sanatorium of Monte Verit ...

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The town of Cannobio has ancient origins, perhaps pre-Roman, it is still possible to see, even if restored, the Roman bridge built by Augustus to merge the two banks of the stream Cannobino separating Traffiume, the most important hamlet, from the re ...

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Cannero Riviera is a small village situated on the Piedmont shore of the lake, in a privileged place for exposure to the sun and the natural creek which protect it from cold winds.

The town offers a beautiful, wide beach and the opportuni ...

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Ghiffa is a town famous for the presence of the Sacro Monte (Sacred Mountain) on its territory.

With the term Sacro Monte we commonly refer to a religious complex, characterized by a path of devotion in a natural environment, with ...

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Maccagno is the only one of the towns on the coast of Lake Maggiore to be split into two distinct locations, down and up, a distinction imposed by the position of the two villages on the broad estuary of the river Giona, whose course separates them, ...

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Porto Valtravaglia

Porto Valtravaglia consists of seven different hamlets, which in 1928 merged to form a single municipality. Between the seventeenth and eighteenth century Porto was enriched with nice buildings built by the nobles and upper-class families, almost al ...

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Verbania was born in April 1939, when they were put together the two towns of Intra and Pallanza. The name derives from that of Lake Maggiore, which is also called Verbano.

Verbania is a treasure of art and culture, which offers its vis ...

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Baveno is located within the Gulf of the Borromeo Islands, and offers splendid views of the lake.

In the town we find interesting monuments, among which the church of Saints Gervasio and Protaso, which lies in the heart of B ...

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The town center is located in a large natural bay, in front of Verbania.

Heading east, just above the village, there is the impressive Mount Sasso del Ferro. In the town there are traces of settlement since ancient history: in Mombello, in ...

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The origin of the name Leggiuno is certainly very old and controversial: the best hypothesis is that it comes from the Celtic words 'leze' (foot) and 'dunums' (hill), meaning the foot of the hill.

Leggiuno is located in a place very favou ...

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Borromean Islands

The Borromean Islands comprise three islands, a small islet and the so-called Malghera, just an uninhabited rock.

Until 1632 the Isola Bella (beautiful island) was a rocky cliff occupied by a tiny fishermen village: in that year, ...

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Lesa enters into a slight cove, south of the town there are the remains of a castle dating from the eleventh century.

Lesa is divided into different hamlets, among which the most interesting is Solcio, located near the lake, with a beauti ...

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A pretty village on the western shore of Lake Maggiore, Meina offers charming and unique views.

Among the interesting buildings there is the Church of Santa Margherita, patron saint of the town, located on the periphery of the center of th ...

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The town is formed by the territory of two ancient villages, lspra and Barza, that were previously independent and only in 1927 they were assembled into a single administrative community.

In the capital of lspra there is the oldest and hi ...

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In the Middle Ages Angera was head of a territory that included the towns of both shores of the lake and counted around 20 religious buildings.

On the lakefront, is worth visiting the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Riva, whose cons ...

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Sesto Calende

Touristic town situated in the point where the river Ticino flows out from lake Maggiore, it is completely immersed in the greenery of the Parco Naturale della Valle del Ticino. The territory offers many naturalistic and historical-cultural ideas tha ...

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