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Brissago is situated between mountains and lake, does not even have a sigh of plain ... Yet the Brissago people, at least a thousand years, have been able to model this rough and steep region with an exceptional stubbornness, which requires constant effort.

The various religious and civic monuments of the town constitute the ideal for concerts and exhibitions, maintaining, however, that aspect intact sacral conducive to meditation and the inner life.

In the water of the lake, a little north of the town center, there are also the Brissago Islands: they are very special because, thanks to their position, have a great climate and a mild temperature allowing growth even plants are not suited to the area. Bathed in international waters, protected by mountains and kissed by the sun, these beautiful islands offer the visitor the opportunity to make the "world tour" in four steps. The Botanical Garden, located on the Isola Grande, offers more than 1500 varieties of flowers and plants from the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa, America, Australia and Japan.



Vacation on Italian lakes
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