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Arona's history is closely tied to the Borromeo family, the town was part of the possessions of the Visconti, lords of Milan, but to settle his debts to the banker Tuscan Giovanni Borromeo, Filippo Maria Visconti gave up his fief of Arona in 1440 . And in Arona was born the most famous exponent of the Borromeo family, Carlo, who is remembered everywhere in the town.

Among the places of interest, the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary: the current parish church was performed by Cardinal Federico: its construction does not go back beyond the fifteenth century. Inside there are valuable works of art and the four shrines that contain the pallium, miter and pastoral Carlo Borromeo.

Another famous monument in honor of the saint, is the Colossus of San Carlo, a statue, nicknamed the Sancarlone, overlooking Lake Maggiore. The colossus is up about 36 meters and was built between 1614 and 1697, with copper plates. The statue is open to the public, who can go through an internal staircase, reaching up to the head of Saint Charles.



Vacation on Italian lakes
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