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The town center is located in a large natural bay, in front of Verbania.

Heading east, just above the village, there is the impressive Mount Sasso del Ferro. In the town there are traces of settlement since ancient history: in Mombello, in fact, there are traces of piles of 3000 BC
The name Laveno derives from that of the Roman commander Titus Labienus, who had his camp here and on the hill of Mombello had a fight with the Gauls, hence the name would come Mombello, that means hill of struggle in Latin.

Laveno is the only natural harbor of Lake Maggiore, and in the 19th century the Austrians used it as a naval base, with four strong on defense, which Garibaldi tried unsuccessfully to storm in 1859. A characteristic of Laveno is the underwater crib that can be admired from the beautiful lake-promenade.



Vacation on Italian lakes
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