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On the eastern shore of Lake Como, surrounded by a magnificent background, at the mouth of the river Pioverna, there is Bellano, a beautiful and flourishing tourist and industrial center.

With a beautiful lakefront, where many roads lead into the ancient village, Bellano is a tranquil and pleasant town. To discover the beautiful old Bellano you should go into a walk in the streets, where the sun never fails to filter the view and only appears in glimpses between the arcades.

Worth a visit the beautiful church of Santi Nazario and Celso, with its characteristic facade of alternating bands of black and white; the town of Bellano is known for a natural beauty, the Orrido. The Orrido is a narrow gorge, formed by the river Pioverna: a narrow passage between high cliffs where the water splashed noisily, enchanting natural spectacle visited by boardwalks. Formed about fifteen thousand years ago by the retreat of glaciers, the Orrido of Bellano remained unchanged despite the passing of centuries and the enduring human intervention.



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