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Charming town, full of light and perfume, a hamlet of Laglio is Torrigia, on the promontory that extends into the middle of the lake: this is the narrowest point between the banks of Lake Como and is also the point of maximum depth, 410 meters .

Among the interesting places and fascinating glimpses of the town we remember Villa Fasola (called Magnolia), with a large garden sloping down to the lake, where is the dock, the Church of San Giorgio, built in the seventeenth century, decorated with prestigious stucco, flanked by the Oratorio of the Confratelli del Santissimo Sacramento, enhanced by superb eighteenth-century decor.

One of the features of the country is the Monument to Giuseppe Frank, a monument of the nineteenth century, shaped like a pyramid 20 meters high, reminiscent of Giuseppe Frank, who loves the ancient Egyptians.

On the slopes of Mount Colmegna, behind the village, lies the Buco dell'Orso: this is a cave, famous because in the nineteenth century here were found bones of a species of bear that lived during the Quaternary. Some of these prehistoric remains are preserved in the Museum of Natural History in Milan and Como, others are on display at city hall where they have the keys of the gate entrance of the cave.



Vacation on Italian lakes
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